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Excel is one of the world’s most popular BI tools.

It’s also the source of much unhappiness. (See, for example, my post The Pivot Table Gateway Drug.)

So, why do I think suffering in Excel can be the first step to BI success?

Because if your users are doing something month after month in Excel — and it’s consuming hours and days of their lives — you can immediately deduce a few things:… Read More

Last fall, my attendance at the SQL Summit was entirely justified by a presentation by Aaron Nelson, a SQL Server MVP on Excel, PowerShell and SQL Server.

Unfortunately, I regularly suffer from having Excel as a data source. In an ideal world, this wouldn’t happen.

Logically, no one would buy a SaaS solution without first figuring out how the data in that system would be accessed and combined with all the other data your organization needs.… Read More

Many, if not most, of the SSRS reports I write end up being exported to Excel. But unfortunately, many reports don’t export cleanly. More often than not, you wind up with merged cells and blank spaces you don’t want.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to build your report correctly for a cleaner export to Excel.

Exporting to ExcelRead More