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Project Management

Our project management success is based on three things: 

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Mid-market focus
  • The Goldilocks principal.

Subject Matter Expertise

Some folks believe that project management is a generic skill. If you can construct a Gantt chart, write a status report and run a few meetings, then you’re all set.

We disagree.

We believe that success in project management requires a solid understanding of the subject matter. While the project manager doesn’t have to fully grasp every line of code and business requirement, he/she does need a firm understanding of the business problem and the data.

This is why almost all our clients are CFOs and other accounting executives and managers. We know how financial people think—and what they want. And so we won’t waste your time asking for detailed explanations.

Mid-Market Focus

Different size projects require different project management approaches.  If you’re installing a few PCs for a small company, you can sometimes just wing it. If you’re planning a rocket launch, you’ll want to have every detail nailed down.  If you’re project, like most, is somewhere in between, you need to find the right balance.  Very few project managers can successfully work with every size project successfully.

We focus on mid-market, for-profit clients with revenue between $25 million and $500 million.

We’ve managed projects with budgets ranging from $20,000 to $500,000. We provide teams of between one and four consultants and work with client teams of anywhere from two to 20 active users (with up to 200 report recipients).

The Goldilocks Principal

Our projects succeed because we find the right balance between action and analysis. Too often, consultants rush to code with problematic results (too hot) or get lost in details and fail to make any progress (too cold).

We call this the Goldilocks principal (as in the three bears) and it’s described in this blog post.