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SQL Server Consulting – Red Three Consulting

We’ve worked with many different back office systems at Red Three.  But our mid-market clients rely on Microsoft Windows based soltuions.  So, we focus on Microsoft Development tools.

Our development generally supports our data integration and reporting work.  Occasionally, we’ll be application extensions to existing ERP software.   While we are solutions are Microsoft focused, we’ll work with data anywhere it resides – on Unix, Linux, AS400 or Windows – or in any database – SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle,  DB2 or DB2 for As400.

Here are the langugages we work with:

Advanced Functionality for Excel with VBA

Excel is NOT a good place to store data, but it can be great for ad-hoc analysis and as a front end data entry tool for your ERP systems. Our Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programmers can make sure you get everything you can from Excel while avoiding the pitfalls of too many badly thought out, overly complicated spreadsheets.


When we need to combine, interface, cleanse or do just about anything else with data, we write most of our most of our code in T-SQL on SQL Server. This means that even if we leave, you always know where your code is and you can call on a wide range of resources to support it.


T-SQL is great for manipulating data.  But sometimes, you need more user interactivity. Which is when we turn to C#, the language of choice for Microsoft apps. Whether we are writing an interface, extending your existing ERP, or building a tablet app, C# delivers.  Also, when that cute little VBA Excel macro has turned into a monster, C# is the preferred method for getting the same functionality in a controlled, reliable way.