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Dynamics GP Consultant

There are many, many Dynamics GP Consultants out there. You would choose us because:

  • 1) You need our knowledge of complex accounting to get the information you need out of your data. 
  • 2) You need to combine data from multiple systems in your reports, dashboards and KPIs. 
  • 3) You want to build integrations using standard tool including .NET and Econnect. 
  • 4) You need to build multiple SSRS reports over GP data. 
  • 5) You need help with Jet Reports

When it comes to reports, we want to make the project as cost efficient as possible. With SSRS reports we can:

  • 1) Build the entire report and/or dashboard from start finish. 
  • 2) Create the appropriate views and/or stored procedures or even datamarts based on our deep knowledge of SQL so your report devleopers and/or end users can focus on getting the output just right instead of worrying about the database. 
  • 3) Train your staff in creating their own reports from start to finish.