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Our reporting services have been meeting the needs of clients for over 11 years. Our clients come from both for-profit and non-profit sectors and range in size from $100 million to $5 billion in annual revenue.

Here are just a few testimonials from our many satisfied clients:

DF King Worldwide

“The results of our financial consolidation project dramatically reduced the effort required for monthly reporting, year-end reporting, and auditing while providing management with ‘single version of the truth’ reporting data.” – Nick Costa, Senior VP & CFO, D.F. King

“I’m not the type of guy to keep a consultant if the relationship isn’t working out… My business relationship with Adam has lasted 12 years.” — Nick Costa, Senior VP & CFO, D.F. King


“Red Three explained how to use the functionality that already existed in our system. A simple fix resulted in eliminating the tedious hours spent reconciling reports and it gave management confidence in their numbers. We now create reports at the push of a button.” – Howard Gerner, Assistant Controller, JBFCS

“Before hiring Red Three we had used a larger consulting firm that was sending in a different consultant for each project, but they didn’t know our business well enough to come up with the optimal solution for our needs.” – Howard Gerner, Assistant Controller, JBFCS

NBTY, Inc.

“It’s true, I do hate consultants. Consultants are motivated to come in and stay as long as possible. Red Three flips this scenario by getting the job done.” – Dan McDonald, Director of Financial Services, NBTY

“Red Three has saved our company time and money by making it easier to get the data we need quickly and easily.” – Roseann Tiseo, HRIS Manager, NBTY

“Instead of coming in and telling us what we needed or proposing unnecessary meetings and project plans, Red Three asked us what we wanted from our system – and then gave it to us. In addition, we were on a very tight timeframe and budget. Red Three delivered what we needed faster than we expected – and under budget.” — Dan McDonald, Director of Financial Services, NBTY

“The great thing about Red Three is that they’re always willing to go above and beyond what’s expected. They know our systems so well and can overcome any challenge even if they don’t know anything about it.” – Roseann Tiseo, HRIS Manager, NBTY

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