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Jet Reports

For the past few months, I’ve been spending a lot of time creating reports with both Jet Reports and SSRS, mostly with Dynamics NAV and a little with Dynamics GP. If you’re a NAV customer, you have some version of Jet included with your purchase. Like all folks with SQL server databases, Dynamics folks use SQL Server and therefore have access to SSRS. So which is better? Or rather, what works best in any given situation? In considering this question, let’s focus neither on regular reporting (sales order, inventory, etc.) nor financial reporting. Jet is clearly better suited for financial reports than SSRS. And if Jet runs out of steam, you’re often better off finding another financially oriented tool rather than going to SSRS. Instead, let’s focus on a few other factors that might nudge your decision one way or the other: Ease of Learning for End Users As I’ve said before, the biggest ERP...