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In the course of our careers, my team has worked with a whole range of technologies, from Oracle to AS400. But today, our focus is Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack.

Most mid-size companies already own Microsoft SQL server and the reporting tools that go with it. And we believe in improving your operational efficiency by using the tools you’ve already invested in.

But at the same time, our rich background in other systems enables us to bridge gaps when technology environments get complex.

Microsoft SQL Server and BI Consulting Services

If you’re like most of our customers, you have plenty of software. You also have plenty of data being entered into that software every day. As do all of your competitors. The key to getting ahead is being able to access that data easily and consistently for meaningful analysis.

That’s where “the reports you need from the software you already have” comes in. Our Business Intelligence work yields valuable information without requiring you to invest in major new software.

By leveraging the tools you already have, like Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, and SQL Server Reporting Services, our experienced BI Consultants can clean, integrate and properly present data to improve your business intelligence.

While our focus is Microsoft Technologies and Dynamics ERP, our team has extensive experience in many other systems (including AS400, Oracle EBS, DB2 and MySQL) to deliver a complete business intelligence solution. So, if we have to connect you to other data sources, we can. Then, we will bring it all together to align with the software that works best for your business.

Microsoft SQL Server and BI Consulting at Work: Sample Results

  • Significantly Reduced Time Required to Run Financial Reports

This Internet Advertising Technology company saw a substantial drop (from 45 minutes to 20 seconds) in the time required to run financial reports after Red Three developed a datamart using SQL Server Reporting Services.

    • Mandatory Reporting Process Condensed to 6 Weeks (from 6 Months)

The Nonprofit Mental Health Agency saw a significant reduction in the time required for their state-mandated reporting process after Red Three restructured the general ledger using Lawson, Crystal Reports and SQL Server. They can now file reports on time, avoiding penalties for mistakes and delays.

    • Complete System Conversion from Lawson to Oracle, at 20 Percent Lower Cost

Because of our non-standard approach to BI consulting, this large Vitamin Manufacturing Company smoothly converted from Lawson to Oracle while spending 80 percent less than the cost proposed by a larger consulting firm. Major reporting and budgeting issues that were left unresolved by the big firm were also completed with ease using Oracle EBS and WebFOCUS.