My Bike Computer and Losing Your Reputation Over Stupid Mistakes

iStock_000001996824SmallI’m getting back into cycling. While swimming and yoga are better for flexibility, I love being outside on my bike. So, even if I have to do extra yoga to compensate for time on the bike, it’s worth it.

Recently, my road bike needed service as the rear derailleur wasn’t working and the tires needed replacing. Also, the cycle computer wouldn’t turn on. I went to a local bike shop, described what I needed, and agreed to a high-end tune up. The bike was ready the next day as promised. But I’m probably not going to use the services of that bike shop again. Here’s why:

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On Making Lawson a Truly International Software

iStock_000012215038XSmallI recently presented at a Lawson Users Group near Toronto. I enjoyed it because these folks, unlike most Lawson customers in my area, are not in healthcare. (And I don’t do healthcare.)

While there, I attended the Infor presentation. Unlike the ones I’ve seen in the States, it focused on what Lawson is doing to improve its core financial functionality. Two things stuck out: First, Lawson is planning to make its accounting string more flexible. While my experience with Oracle has taught me that the setup is the problem, not the string, Lawson’s accounting unit structure is limiting for many applications. I pointed out that they said the same thing 16 years ago when they created something called strategic ledger. The presenter acknowledged that strategic ledger was never fully deployed properly.

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Business Objects Universe vs. SSAS Cube

iStock_000018484371SmallBusiness Objects is a powerful set of tools. It does certain things more easily than the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack (i.e. Excel/SSRS/SSAS). However, most of our clients can’t or won’t justify the expense of Business Objects, so we focus on Microsoft alternatives. Indeed, we’re currently helping a client migrate from Business Objects to SSRS/SSAS.  We came in after certain less-than-optimal key decisions had been made. Partly as a result, the client has decided to replace their Business Objects universe with SSAS cubes. In this post, I’ll explain why this isn’t the best plan.

Report writers don’t want to work with data as it exists in relational databases, and both Business Objects and Microsoft understand this. Report writers (or what I refer to as “tool experts” in our white paper More Data, Less Cost) have to work too hard and do too many calculations when they “go direct.”

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Creating SSRS Parameters—From Simple to Complex


As you know, adding parameters to a SSRS report gives users the ability to filter and format data. In this post, we’ll show you an easy way to add parameters in SSRS, how to add drop-downs and how to allow users to select multiple parameters.

While there are a number of ways to add parameters in SSRS, one of the quickest is directly from Query Designer.

Use the form @variable_name. This will automatically create parameter objects in your report:

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